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-Sharon K. 

Spring... Finally!

After one of the most severe winters on record, we have finally turned the corner. With the arrival of spring, our attention turns to dealing with the aftermath of this harsh winter and the damage done to trees and plants. The deep freeze this past winter prevented plants from using the moisture in the soil for transpiration causing moderate to severe foliage browning on many evergreens.  Many plants will replace brown needles with new green foliage while some may die completely.  It could take until the end of May before we know for sure so try to wait for the new growth.

But don’t expect these brutal cold conditions to have much of an impact on ‘overwintering’ insects like the emerald ash borer (EAB). The deep freeze, with arctic blasts from the polar vortex, put a dent in their numbers, but they’re poised to again continue their relentless expansion.

So contact us today to deal with winter’s aftermath -- and about the various treatment options we can offer you for EAB…


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