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"...Your 'lawncare guys' are a pleasure to work with.  Always friendly, and never leave a mess." 
-Linda L.

"The crew that serviced my home were exceptional.  This type of service will keep me, and others as return customers.  Thank you for an outstanding job!" 
-Sharon K. 

It's Fall - but we're not out of the woods yet!

Admittedly, it’s been a busy year. On top of a very productive summer of landscaping projects and routine lawn care and maintenance for our many residential and commercial customers, we’ve also begun to see the full effects of the long-awaited Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) on the Rockford community and surrounding area. Anyone that thought the threat was perhaps overblown now would find plenty of evidence to the contrary. For the next several years at least, one of our top priorities at TreeCare will be meeting the massive tree removal and replacement requirements caused by this epic scourge…

As we work our way through fall and into winter, the timing is now right for our customers to consider a host of fall/winter projects – even in addition to the scheduled irrigation winterizing and fall fertilizing that are mandatory for most of our customers. For example:

  • Tree removal: The work never stops for TreeCare. In fact, fall and winter are an ideal time for you to consider removing any dead or diseased tree. Even with the leaves down and trees dormant, our trained arborists can easily identify and/or diagnose your trees, and recommend a program for treatment or removal. Remember that, by doing this work in the fall or winter, you minimize the potential for disease or insects spreading to healthy trees.
  • Treatment of Chlorosis: Chlorosis is a yellowing of normally green leaves due to a lack of chlorophyll. Many factors contribute to chlorosis. In northern Illinois, some of the most common causes include nutrient deficiencies related to soil alkalinity (high pH), drought, poor drainage, and compaction of the soil. Tree species exhibiting chlorosis are often pin oak, red maple, white oak, river birch, tulip tree, sweet gum, bald cypress, magnolia, and white pine. TreeCare’s trained arborists are expert at identifying the symptoms, causes, and recommending treatment. A great fall/winter project!

Contact us today. You’ll be amazed how productive late fall and winter can be!


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